About Me

My husband and I on our ten-year anniversary cruise in 2016.

 I’m Andi, and I have a passion for food, my family, and learning about how to be a farmer one day.

Cultivating our home began with our goal of wanting to be a homesteading family. I dream of my children stomping through the dirt, learning how to grow food and care for animals besides me. We are steadily working towards this dream, and though it will take time, I am doing my best to learn skills and make the connections that will get me there. I will be sharing my struggles and triumphs trying to do some small-scale homesteading here in the ‘burbs.



Our girls! I miss their eggs!We began our homesteading journey little by little over the past several years. We planted our first seeds 5 years ago, placing tomatoes,  peppers, and sunflowers into pots on the balcony of our apartment while stationed in Italy. From there, our ideas and love of knowing more about the production of our food continued to grow. Upon owning our first home in 2013, we quickly got to work in raised garden beds, built and painted our first chicken coop and raised our first batch of Rhode Island Reds. As they say, keeping chickens are a gateway to more chickens and needing more space to house goats and pigs…I have a list.


A little bit about our family…

Big brother and little sister.

My husband and I married in 2006, brought our son into the world in 2008 and our daughter came in 2015. After moving around for a while when my husband was in the military, we decided to settle in Central Florida to raise our family. We all work together to learn new things and make life what we desire it to be.