Back to School Tips-How I prepped for the new year.

We went back to school this week, and I hate to say it, but it totally snuck up on me. Again.

The boy will be in third grade this year, and we have totally changed our lives. This year’s routine will be totally different. I work at home now, and we live just about a mile from the school, so we’re walkers! When I was on maternity leave, I loved the routine of walking the kids to and from school and the boy actually talked to me about his day. I want to believe that it’s because he cherishes our time together, and not just because there is nothing better to do.

I’ve been prepping for about a week for this first week back to school, and I wanted to share with you all what I did.

Passion Planner
My trusty planner!

I scheduled each day. With the new life changes this year, my toddler is at home with me. I decided to run a couple hours of “homeschool” in the morning before her nap. Each week is a different letter focus, we’ll be doing some sensory play and counting. I have this Pinterest board just for her, so all of my homeschool parents, feel free to send me your best stuff! I’m also a part-time virtual assistant, so I need about six hours each day to dedicate to clients and business, which I have broken out into two-hour blocks throughout the day.

I meal planned and then scheduled those meals. I have always meal planned, but I haven’t been planning what days each dinner will occur. This way I can have things chopped and ready to go, meat thawed, etc. on the night that I need it.

I prepped everyone’s breakfast and lunches. Even though the girl and I are at home this year, I went ahead and prepped our breakfast and lunches to make life easier and to make sure I have a better meal structure than I did over the summer. I did easy egg and cheese cups for breakfast, and everyone got their own lunches.

meal prep final
My fridge after everything is done!

Boy: Turkey sandwich with carrots, ranch dip, and an apple.

Girl (toddler): turkey pepperoni, cheese, peas, and crackers.

Mom and Dad: Salad with sliced turkey.

My family is honestly cool with eating the same things every day and I hardly have a complaint. I switch up the meats and types of veggies, but essentially it’s all the same stuff every day.

kid lunch
Back to school lunch!

The night before we made sure the boy had all of his stuff together. We discussed the new routine, walking through everything we’d be doing from sun up to sun down. I made sure he understood my expectations for the morning and evening routines, his chores, his behavior and the activities he’d be allowed between the hours of 3 and 8 pm.


I am going to repeat these steps each week, and my goal is smooth sailing all year long! Subscribe to follow and see if I make it!

Let’s make this the best back to school season yet!

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