Support your local farmers! Blueberry Edition

local farmers blueberryI believe that the support of your local farmers is unbelievably important, not only to those that run the farms but to our communities and our own families.  I have a favorite blueberry farm here in central Florida that we go to every year. Their blueberries are the best I’ve had and they have really created an experience out there, and I love for the kids to be out in the open and doing some manual work to get their sweets. The girl is in love with berries and loved the process of picking them. While the boy is militant in his picking decisions and constantly tells me my choices are subpar. Thanks, bub.

boy blueberry pickingTowards the end of April, the kids and I went out to the farm, and I originally was going to use this experience to write my blueberry jam recipe and canning tutorial for the blog, but the kids had a different idea.

They ate ALL OF THE BLUEBERRIES. In a week. So no jam, but we had an amazing time picking and eating them out in the sunshine and running around the farm getting our toes dirty and fingers purple from the fruit.

girl blueberry pickingTake your children, family, friends, and go take a look at the local farms in your area, you will probably be surprised at how many exist and the amazing memories you will carry with you long afterward.

As a re-starting out suburban homesteader, going out to locally owned farms is the next best thing to growing your own. I have plans to go out to several more with my children over the summer, so keep an eye out for future posts! farm overlook boy
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8 thoughts on “Support your local farmers! Blueberry Edition”

  1. My daughter also loves Blueberries and just can’t resist finishing them all!!! What an amazing experience for your children to actually pick the fresh berries from the trees. Excursions like this are so important in todays’ age and such a lovely reminder how much fun it can be spending “quality time” together. Thank you

    1. We all have so much fun, and my oldest loves to decide what we will make with them. My daughter actually ate way more than she picked. We also love finding out what is in our community, this farm is only 30 minutes from our home! Thank you for stopping by!

    1. When we had our large garden a few years back, we discovered this to be very true. Our son would love to go pick the veggies for meals and often come in with dirt on his face because he was eating straight from the garden. I am now looking for some interactive community gardens where we could do some learning too! Thank you for coming by!

    1. There are so many here in Florida too! I have another one we’ll be visiting soon! I love getting out and meeting the local farmers. Makes my heart happy.

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