Why I started my container garden

I have always wanted to be a gardener, the idea of working the land and bringing food inside from the back yard has always been so appealing to me. We first started a container garden when we lived in Italy, and I was learning about nutrition and really wanting to grow some of our own food. We started on our huge balcony with some giant pots and some seeds; and we were able to grow a decent amount of tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries through the summer.

2011-Wy and hubs potting balcony plants in Italy.

When we moved back to the states we decided to settle in Florida, and as soon as we closed on our house we began talking about getting a fence so we could have a couple of backyard chickens and a garden. Once the fence was up, we set to work. My husband, son, and I built an adorable chicken coop, and nine raised beds to go around our back yard. We grew anything that we could, we failed a whole bunch of times and excelled in others.

2014-Our first full-size garden in Florida

Once we decided that we definitely needed more space, and we could no longer keep up with everything, we tore everything out to start to grow back the plush green carpet that is so desirable in the suburbs.

My dream is to get back to the chaos, the muck, the growing and raising of our own food. For today though, I am working on my container garden that will take up some space in our back yard, and contain a few summer vegetables.

2017-seed starting for the indoor herb garden

I am starting with some indoor kitchen herbs, and a couple of tomato plants, my daughter is obsessed with tomatoes! I received an “as seen on TV” upside down planter as a joke gift when I had my huge garden, and when I found it I was so excited to try it out!I have a few different things I want to try in the world of container gardening, my container gardening board is stuffed full of amazing ideas, and I hope to try them and share how I’ve been successful or a grand failure. That is the fun part to me, the experiment of trying out new things and finding what works and then eating it.

Any other container gardeners out there? Comment below!

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