Declutter your life and live simply.

Declutter pinMy tag line is “Creating a simple life.” Looking around my home, you can see that we have lots of STUFF, and I am truly overwhelmed by the presence of these items. This does not scream simple to me. So, I have had the great declutter project brewing in my head for a couple of years now. I would always say, this is the weekend/month/year that I am going to do it. I have had a plan written of what I want to get rid of, how I will space it out so it won’t be so painful. I have never even begun to begin. Now that I am working out of the home, and don’t have work as an excuse, and the boy is out of school, so he can do his room; I have zero excuses.

Project declutter and get rid of the STUFF is now live! Yesterday, I got tired of staring at my computer so I started with my room. All of my corporate clothes, OUT. I had some books on the shelves (oh so many diet books…more on that on a different post, though.) so I will donate the ones that are in good condition. I did keep all of my cookbooks though, I have a real soft spot for them, and maybe I will get rid of them later. I had things that I literally said out loud, “this is trash, why did I shove it in my nightstand?” Lots of papers and millions of notebooks, half used because I can’t stay focused.

Decluttered armoire
This is actually the AFTER photo!

You know, I was really surprised at the things I couldn’t bear to get rid of and the other things that I was easily able to let go of. I had a couple of books that I could not get rid of, simply because of the memory attached to it. How can I truly strive for a simple life when I am keeping items around just for the sake of a memory?

What does living simply truly mean to me? I am not sure that the answer is minimalism, but maybe something that feels similar to me. I know that simple means less choice, fewer items to dust and move around the house. Simple means making the things that should be easy actually easy, which outfit to wear, what to make for dinner, which book to read. For my children, they have a million toys they never touch, or they have so much they don’t know where to start.

Decluttered Bookshelf
This is another after photo, obviously, I have more work ahead of me.

I am coming out of my skin thinking about all of the items in my home that actually do not add value to my life, but are kept because of some emotional pull. So, I say to myself, “Let it go”. I am hoping this declutter project will actually be good for my soul and help my children to be more grateful for what they do have. It’s time to be free from all the stuff and stop dusting so much.

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10 thoughts on “Declutter your life and live simply.”

  1. Oh my! There are so much stuff I have and keep just because of memories, I noticed thaat since they are out of sight, i don’t miss them but then have an attachment only when i see them… sigh. I think you’re on the right track, the simple living won’t happen over night. Starting and working at it is what is important so kudos to you. I am moving soon and hopefully will be able to get rid of stuff I don’t need.

    1. I know this will be one of many decluttering projects this year, even. For me, the kitchen stuff was so hard to get rid of, so I have to go through again after a few months and really look at what gets used. I do have some seasonal items that only come out around the holidays, but do I really NEED them? I think of it as really only keeping things that add value to my life. More decluttering is ahead of me!

  2. I love to declutter, but my kids have other plans. LOL! Actually this past weekend I made them do a huge clean out of their art supplies. Can you believe between the two of them we had two huge bags of trash. Crazy!

    1. Oh, I know it!! My 20-month-old daughter had duplicates of so much, and we were able to donate so many toys she NEVER touched. My son’s room generated all of the trash. He now has a scheduled weekly trash sweep when he does laundry, I was definitely distressed by the amount of trash in his room. LOL!

  3. Clutter makes me bananas! Just yesterday, I woke up at 4 a.m. and decluttered our pantry. I physically felt lighter after I got rid of all the stuff we were not using. Plus I gave stuff away to people who COULD use it! However, I think it is totally okay to hang onto certain things because there is a special memory attached. I just try not to hang onto EVERYthing that has a memory attached.

    1. Yes! I have a rooster collection and it was tough, but I let go of some things. I had a few that I thought were really ugly but had kept them because family had given them. I just had to get rid of that guilt and get rid of the ugly roosters that I didn’t love.

  4. I’m in the process of decluttering but it’s an ongoing struggle. It seems like we constantly accumulate more junk! I want to live the minimalist life but it’s harder than it looks…good post and good luck to you! ­čÖé

    1. I will probably be decluttering for the rest of my life, we constantly get more stuff. I am going to beg my family to not get us so much stuff at holidays and events this year and show them the picture of all the stuff I tossed. I would love to be minimal, but I am settling for just more minimal than I was yesterday. Should work for now!

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