How I keep my house clean by doing half the work!

clean house pinI make my kids do quite a few chores, plain and simple. I feel that kids should learn responsibility and independence early on to foster long-term habits.

Also, I also don’t want to be doing everyone’s laundry and picking up toys till the end of time. So it is a bit selfish too, I will never lie to you. My summer cleaning schedule is designed to teach the kids some household skills and give me some time back so I can actually have some fun too.

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After much research and lots of trial and failure at keeping my home neat and tidy, I believe I have finally come up with a cleaning schedule that works for my home. In my days working outside of the home, I did everything over the course of Saturday and Sunday and totally ruining my weekend. When I decided to leave and come back to homemaking, I knew things had to change, less work and more chill. End of story.

Now that it is officially summer, I can include my kids in my grand plan and cut my work in half!

Each day, I have a set of four to six chores that I now share with my children. Mostly the eight-year-old, but as little sister follows him around, she is learning good habits as well. I have put him in charge of showing her the basics, and he thinks that is pretty darn awesome.

The thing is, most children are more capable of doing more than we think they can. Yes, most times my son sort of half does things, which means he has to do it twice. Yes, it’s not always the way  would do things, but who says I’m right? My point here is that I am setting my kids up to already know how to take care of themselves when they leave my house.

Here is a list of chores for my eight-year-old:

  • Laundry-from start to finish!
  • Trash and recycling; take out of the house and down to the curb.
  • Vacuum
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Pulling weeds
  • Watering plants
  • Pick up rooms
  • Dust
  • Wipe kitchen counters and tables after dinner
  • Clean baseboards

I am sure there is more, but that is a TON of stuff off of my plate! Which gave me the time to write this post and drink an extra cup of coffee. Call me lazy or call me genius…I prefer the latter.

The baby is just starting, but I already have her taking her own diapers to the trash, picking up her toys and putting dirty laundry in the hamper. My mission is to basically never do ALL of the cleaning ever again.

Click Here to get a printable with how we really structure our cleaning schedule!


Do you have your kids help you clean? What are some innovative ways to include your youngest children?


6 thoughts on “How I keep my house clean by doing half the work!”

  1. Oh, my boy is only six months but you better believe the minute he’s old enough, he’ll be helping me clean! Another benefit I’d add is it really teaches kids good habits. My mom never made us clean, when I ask her she says it was just easier to do it herself than fight with us (oops!) but consequently, when I moved out, I lived in a pigsty because I simply wasn’t accustomed to cleaning up after myself. That’s a HUGE reason I want to teach my kids to clean (same goes with cleaning, I’m horrid at it and hate it!!) Great post, I’ll be sharing!

    1. They can start really young! I started with both of my children when they were up and walking. I started with “let’s clean up, bring mommy your blocks”, simple things like that. Some things my almost two-year-old is awful with, but she tosses her own diapers in the trash and I give her a washcloth to clean up her tray after she eats. I am so happy you found this helpful!

    1. LOL! I felt the same way when I was stacking things on my son’s list. BWAHAHAHAH!! I am glad you found this and hope you get a gentle response to extra chores!

  2. Oh I couldn’t have found this at a timlier moment. My kids are old, 10 and 11 and we were just having this discussion last night. Everyone contributes to the mess, everyone needs to be prepared to help clean it up. Unless you clean up, you have no respect for the effort that goes in to it. I should have learned that many years ago. Great article!

    1. Yes, I am so glad you found this helpful! This is so important for my oldest. I really want him to find the pride in doing a good job and respecting not only me and all the work I do but his home as well. It was hard when we first started, but now, he just wakes up and asks what is on the list for the day.Let me know how it goes in your home!

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