How is my container garden growing?

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container gardenEverything is coming up here in my container garden! You may remember the “planning” post I did a few weeks back.

So you may be asking yourself, how did I choose what I was going to grow? I had little or no method to my madness, I really planted herbs I love and know I will use and the zucchini said it would grow in pots through the summer, so I thought I would take a chance. All of this is trial and error for me, as it has always been. I will definitely be sharing my fails along with my triumphs as we go through this process. I want EVERYONE to learn something here.

Just an FYI: I grew the zucchini and the herbs from seed, and I purchased them from My Patriot Supply, they have a huge catalog of seeds and have had the best of luck with them. The tomatoes were purchased and not grown from seed.

I really wanted to share the things that we are growing around here:

TomatoesOur tomatoes, same kind of plant just planted two different ways. The one planted upside down looks a bit sad, I think I need a taller post, but if anyone has any experience with planting like this, comment below! This is my first time planting in pots and upside down, so I am bound to kill a few things, but I am really trying not to.

baby zucchini plantsThe baby zucchini plants I started from seed. I think I want to make them climb and put them up against our brick wall in the back.

I have been thinking a lot about vertical gardens and how to maximize container space. I am definitely doing more research on this.


I also have some things that aren’t in pots that are making my landscape more beautiful.

Aloe plants

Aloe plants, I love these every summer! I usually have a few leaves in my fridge for sunburn emergencies. This was originally one plant and just populated all on their own, I think I am going to find ways to give them out before they get out of control.




My pineapple!! I am really hoping this guy will be ready before the end of July. This will be our third pineapple, and I will plant a new one from this one. This particular plant was put in the ground about two years ago, and we patiently wait for more.



Avocado tree


Our avocado tree is exploding this year! Last year we had a couple, but this year we basically have an avocado farm. I have yet to try one, I am waiting for them to get a bit bigger, but I will let you all know as soon as I get one and try to create a few recipes. I am so excited about this one too.


How does your garden grow?

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    1. I feel like we go look at it every day! I cannot wait, now I just have to decide what I am going to make with it!

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