My Suburban Homestead Plan

My view after tending my garden. A view I long to return to.

Now that I am returning home, I got to thinking how I can small-scale homestead here at home. I want to start learning skills that I will eventually need when we finally find the property that we are looking for.

I do have some experience, we did raise chickens for a couple of years, and I miss them dearly. We also had nine raised garden beds full of vegetables and fruits. I canned food on a regular schedule and cooked things fresh often. Once we decided that we were going to start to actively look for a larger space, we took all of that out to begin to grow back the desirable suburban green carpet. This is still in recovery, so I am not allowed to have huge garden beds.

Containers are going to be my gardening plan and I know I can find a way for them to serve my purpose.

So I went on a search, and thanks to Pinterest I now have an entire board dedicated to container gardening. I think I hear the garden store calling my name!

Scratch-made biscuits!

Another layer of my homesteading plan is to learn old-style cooking skills: fermenting, canning, dehydrating. I want to begin to make things from scratch and teach my children as well, so keep an eye out for my kitchen adventures…kitch-ventures?? It’s a working title.


How do you integrate homesteading type skills in your life? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below.

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