Self-Care Series: 30 days of finding time for me

Let me say that self-care is the most important thing that I always forget to do. If I’m totally honest, I haven’t forgotten about it, I just don’t prioritize it. I am a wife, mother, bestie, daughter, and sister; I put my husband, kids and house above all else. Then, one day I wake up (usually a Wednesday or Thursday), I realize I haven’t hit all of my workouts, my hair stinks, and there’s still dirt from yesterday’s garden under my nails. My body hurts, my brain is on fire, and I’m already tired…all before my 5 am alarm goes off.

Who can relate? Who else is trying to be wonder woman? I bet even she finds 5 minutes for herself every now and again.

self care journey

My buddy Becky over at Mommy Takes 5 could totally relate to that feeling, so she set out to create this interactive e-book to help ease the process of scheduling some “me” time throughout the day. She tackles things like mom guilt and gives ideas and printables it’s really a lovely book! (click the picture to the left to purchase).


I also wanted to give you a little sneak peek into what my weeks will be focusing on as I try and tackle this self-care prioritization. In my own self-care journey, I am really focusing on finding myself in this new life that I have created. I left my corporate job, came back to homemaking, trying to build an online business, write a blog…woah. This new “self” has me whirling and trying to find myself in my new role. So I am digging deep with this focus, and working towards clarity. For me, that means I am dedicating a ton of time to meditation and journal writing thinking about my new role, goals, and how I will simplify it all to create the life I dream of. Meditation and journaling are self-care items that I never prioritize, but when I do, I see huge benefits in mindfulness and productivity.

self care planning
I LOVE to plan! That follow-through though…

I am a planner, I love to plan, create processes, and have a really great actionable outline. I got out my trusty Passion Planner (look them up, they are amazing!), and mapped out my 30 days of self-care, right across the top. When I go to break out a plan each week, I can refer back and see what I have on deck for that week. I am super fired up about this, folks!

Remember that your self-care journey belongs to YOU. This book is a great guide and a great way to hold yourself accountable to actually taking time for what you need to feel happier and more fulfilled. Spend the ten dollars on yourself and begin a journey to feel less stress, finding yourself, finding happiness…whatever the case may be for your soul right now.

What are you truly needing to do to take care of yourself TODAY?

I’m off to meditate and journal before my monster awakens! Be sure to subscribe, check in on me, and I’ll check back with you. We can help each other take care of ourselves!

Now, go check in with Becky and get your e-book!

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