Why I chose to return to homemaking

This is an accurate depiction of what I look like on a daily basis.

I have spent the last five years in a corporate executive assistant role for a large healthcare provider; and for the most part, I have enjoyed my work.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in the field and almost immediately found this as my career. I love the people that I support, but over the past year or so, this work has not been fulfilling to me, and although I am gaining more responsibility, I am feeling like I am wasting my time.

This feeling is what led to my decision to come back into the home to be with my family, support my husband in his endeavors, and create a home that we all can enjoy and be proud of. I once was a homemaker when my son was small and my husband’s work sent us overseas to live in Italy for three years. When we returned to the States, I was excited and beyond ready to “get back to work”. Everyone would say, “I bet you can’t wait to get back to work, you must have been bored.” I’d agree and update my resume and continue the hunt.


My son and I back in ’09.

Thinking back on that time though, the time when I was home with my son as a growing and learning toddler, I was NEVER bored, we were always on the go. We would travel, be with our friends, volunteer, and still have time to keep a clean home and cook a good meal. Now that my daughter has become a full-fledged toddler, I was really wanting to come back home.


I mean…look at that face!!

I want to share in my daughter’s new learning experiences, I want to do actual activities with both my son and daughter and not just taxi them to school and soccer, and try to squeeze in some fun stuff while trying to keep my home the way that I want it.

Really, this is an admission that I cannot do it all, I cannot have the full-time career, the beautiful home, the experiences with my children and my husband. When thinking about what I was willing to give up; my career was on the top of that list. I am okay with that. I know that I can do work that I enjoy here in my home, with my husband, with my children; and feel completely full and accomplished at the end of each day.

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